@sikkdays Don't feel bad, they're coming out faster and in higher frequency than I can competently keep up with.

@deadsuperhero @prismo is there a public instance up? I'd love to try it out!

@0x1C3B00DA There isn't; currently the app isn't ready for prime time. It's possible to clone the code and run it locally, but I found performance to be lacking right now.

I'm sure the dev is working on ironing that stuff out. 🙂

@tuxether @prismo Uncertain. It is likely not fully implemented at the moment.

@tuxether @deadsuperhero core (non-activitypub) features are More or less ready and i'm starting to work on the activitypub ones now :)

@deadsuperhero @prismo

I was going to write a joke reply about how I'm going to make an activitypub powered {insert app that would have absolutely no benefit from using activitypub}.


But then I couldn't think of an app that *wouldn't* be cooler if integrated with #activitypub. 🤔

@Blort @deadsuperhero @prismo what about a juicer. I can't think of how adding activitypub support to a juicer would make the juicer better. But I bet someone could convince me otherwise.

@wakest @deadsuperhero @prismo

Well, I meant adding activitypub to apps, not machines, but... say the juicer can somehow recognize ingredients put in (machine vision or just by being told by a user through an interface). When you juice it posts the juice you made + achievements (30 days juicing straight! Very green!). Followers add comments, favorite, follow or reshare/boost and encourage each other to improve their health through juicing?

@Blort @prismo @deadsuperhero
How about AP-enabled password manager? Is it ridiculous enough? ;)

@pfm @Blort Sounds silly from a practical point of view, but technically it's doable.

@deadsuperhero that's so cool!! There is something really wrong with the comments screenshot tho. Could you provide some details about your setup/os? The css is badly broken

@deadsuperhero @prismo FYI: Movim is a decentralized alternative to Medium. You might want to check it out if you weren't aware of it!

@phoe Not a huge fan of it personally. I'm actually in the process of building my own Medium alternative. I'm also aware of , should my own efforts fall flat I will support it.

Main reason for me doing my own thing is that I have a specific vision for what I'm making that's closer to Ghost or WordPress rather than Medium.

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