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futureBoyfriend @deadsuperhero

When I was a kid, my dad would play the Applesauce game. The rules are fairly simple: dad reads the nutrition labels and quizzes us on the percentages. If we are wrong, dad begins to chug applesauce out of the jar.

Mom hated this game, but I loved it.

@cypnk I have tons of stories like that. For a while, he would read a chapter of Harry Potter to us every night.

His job eventually forced him to go to England for a month, so he calculated the timezones and read to us for an hour every night, at exactly the right time.

There are a lot of flaws about him, but he's an incredible person.

@cypnk One time, we were at a movie theater watching the second Harry Potter, and a kid sitting behind us wouldn't stop talking. My dad leaned over and said "Listen kid, I'm trying to watch the movie, please shut up."

The kid's dad shouts "No one tells my kid to shut up!"

and they began arguing, yelling, and swinging fists at the movie theater. Both of them got escorted out by security, and we were forced to watch the remainder of the movie without him.