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I want to play a 3D fallout game that isn't made by the people who make the 3d fallout games pls

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@lawremipsum I demand an entire movie about the guy feeding his ferret at The Prancing Pony

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Do you ever have days where you just kind of fall in love with everyone?

> Sees a cute dog at the office


Normally I'm very against centralization, but when it comes to enterprise software, I really wish there was only one implementation of SAML out there.

Yeah me too, I talked to Jeff Bezos to understand the class struggle.

> feverishly attempts to describe high-level concepts using the limited vocabulary I can come up with

I love it when my speech impediment starts acting up. Especially when it's with a bunch of engineering customers.

Ugh, too many cuties on the timeline.

I am beyond disgusted. 😤

Every time I resist the candy in the checkout aisle, I feel a minor victory.

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