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Trying to drum up support for adding #ActivityPub to #Ghost #CMS, we are quickly moving up the list of 'Ideas' and currently at 6th place in view count on their idea tracker in a matter of a few days.

If you have some ideas yourself about how Ghost could join the #fediverse please come join the conversation over here:

Yellowstone is crazy beautiful and I can hardly handle it.

I try too hard to please
Spreading sea to shining sea
Instead of catching feelings
It's venerial disease

Because romance is a fantasy
In the 21st Century
Regardless how you split it
Between the people that you see

I'm degenerated animal
A social network cannibal
Snide remarks of stats and charts
lacking signs of mortal soul

My dreams are set to emulate
A graph of vector targets
Predictions in the market
A kind of wealth you can't create
A sadness that I can't escape

Alone right here at home
Modern hermit isolation
Sending food to my location
Apathetic and apologetic
Of my pathetic situation

I can't articulate what I'm feeling without hating the description, as though my threads are misaligned and tangled up in knots of sad existential thoughts
Make a dollar, sell some stock
Kill more minutes on the clock

Perhaps it's by design
I've so much hate and so much anger
I wasted so much time and could never sense the danger of opening up to a stranger to explain with clear conviction
I believe that love is fiction

@dzuk's avatar makes me smile. I like the idea of a wise orc deep in thought.

Just saw The Exorcist for the first time ever. It wasn't at all what I expected, and honestly it was a really solid film that touched on a lot of conflict between faith and reason, spiritual and psychiatric, loss and hope.

Fun facts about Wyoming:

- Population of almost half a million people
- 10th largest state in the Union
- has a long history of uranium mines
- tons of weird mini-villages and abandoned towns
- landscape is like driving through an abstract impressionist painting

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I think I just weirded somebody out through mundane conversation and self-aware awkwardness.

Me and my best friend standing atop a mountain in Golden, Colorado.

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VHS Static is my favorite flavor

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Can you imagine if the fediverse never had hashtags because that would be copying the twitter user who invented them?

Every social network copies features from each other.

Don't feel guilty for being inspired by existing successful platforms!

Finally made it to Colorado. Fuck Nebraska forever!