I myself think I have ADHD, so you are not alone :) Also, check out this youtube channel, she is pretty cool and gives cool advice: youtube.com/channel/UC-nPM1_kS

Also, if you need advice for concentration and working, check: youtube.com/channel/UCG-KntY7a


Also, life always brings small and distracting things to do every day. Try to automate what you can and allocate 30 min/day to just do those things.
If something is consuming you in a negative way, delete it from your life. That happens to me with things such as reddit and things like that. I get the habit of checking them instead of just do the thing.
Finally, clean your bedroom, workspace, office... as a cluttered space is really annoying.


Hey Elisa, David here, coming back to Mastodon after three exhausting weeks of college. I decided to check you profile to see what you've been up to, and I encounter this. Well, I myself feel like this right now. One thing that helps is trying to being conscious about the multiple things that are in my mind right now and decide which ones are actually urgent and important to me. The rest, try to picture letting them go.

" I'm tired of all your friends,
Knocking down your door.
Get up in the morning, yelling no more,
So long, my friend and adversary. "

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Cars should have a "shame light" for when you've made a driving mistake and you want everyone to know you're sorry

I'm back, looking for a place to express my thoughts secretly. To start, this song that was on an awesome online radio show from someone I follow: youtube.com/watch?v=J1cz6lBmX5

Did it frighten you? How we kissed when we danced on the light up floor, on the light up floor ...

Again @elita surprises me. Thank you for introducing me to Dagny! Keep 'em coming.

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In case you were wondering what @kelseyhusky​ and I are like together after 11 years, this about sums it up. ^^

(Source: tapas.io/episode/878949)

@new2os Hey, Matrix seems cool, definitely will check your project on Github!

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