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Eyo, just wanna let everyone know that I've moved to another instance. Follow me at

Eyo, just wanna let everyone know that I've moved to another instance. Follow me at

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I wish you could have '.pun' website domains, and they'd all be plays on words.

If they went viral, it'd be a pundemic!

a clock but the hands are dicks and just flop about

The Fediverse is really-really great Show more

So there's a very bad ass heavy metal cover to Diggy Diggy Hole... you're welcome.

TFW you realize that Howard the Duck appears in . Not even joking.

Is dying during sex the best or worst way to go? Discuss.

I'm probably the last person on Earth to catch on, but I've just realized the irony in E. Macron's party being called "La Republique En Marche", with him presiding over the longest period of uninterrupted protests in France in a long time.

Last week in : robocopyright, the world's oldest boardgame, AI-enhanced art and the Internet's greatest collective artwork.

This week in : digital artists, underwater cables, a spontaneous music duo and open-source bacteria. :)

TIL I learnt that, according to Tumblr, you can be omnigay, which is one step up from mere mundane gayness because you're genderfluid at the same time, BUT are attracted to the gender you currently think you are. Welp, if it's on the Internet...!

Yesterday I launched an experiment called . One of the first random ideas that's been submitted is "tomatoes that grow out of your friend Tom's toes" and I've been laughing for 5 minutes straight.

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