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To the tune of "Morning has Broken"

Software is broken, user in Mourning.
Error message, can't been ignored.
Praise for the linting!
Praise for compiling,
Ignore all the warnings and ship unusable code!

"Du brauchst Version 3.3.1"

*3 Std. Installgeräusche*

"Die Bugs die ich gemeldet
habe sind raus,
dafür funktioniert diese
grundlegende Funktionalität

"Habe ich 3.3.1 gesagt? Versuche es mit pre-release 3.3.2!"

Explorers is still my favourite episode of DS9

Today in Hackerspace news...

The mailing list flamewar shift from Ad Argumentum zu Ad Hominem now seems to require almost 24 hours.

We ask: Is this a sign of an ageing community or just increasingly disturbed sleep patterns?

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vintage #MossSuperflyIV #Tent with separate buckle-in floor (red), for $395. in #seattle, willing to ship, queries please DM.

Still looking to raise cash for summer travel, this tent is NOT being offered on CL at this price. Boosts greatly appreciated.

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I had to create a FB account for a thing. Now it has disappeared. Wierd

Has anyone a source for performance benchmarks of software firewalls running on a VM?

(Yeah I know that there are Products from most Hypervisor manufacturers)

First thing young Gavin has done that I agree with and he get's sacked!

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As a Sysadmin I'm finding keeping up with all the security holes in software is nothing short of exhausting.

It doesn't help when Microsoft engineers weaknesses like transferring passwords in plaintext (office365), but I can't help but think some of the 10-20 CERT reports a DAY has to be laid at the door of poor software design.

Something isn't right, something has to change.

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Sexism killed the British computing industry

And it’s not doing the US’s any favours now.

Although I‘ve been in Germany a long time I am still not 100% fluent in the written word. I have been looking at products that might help.

I have been following the development of Grammerly in the Engl. language world and though the product is impressive, I can‘t help but feel that people should not be sending every word they write to the cloud.

Up to now the only thing that I have found the comes close and has an offline product is the Language Tool.

Does anyone know of others?

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