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@sandzwerg mir geht es um Bilder vom wasserstand im Hafenbereich, vor allem vom Mittelhafen.

@codeawayhaley I agree, it is important to stay honest when assessing the true effect of environmental schemes. @socalledunitedstates

@codeawayhaley you are right! Storing energy is a huge component of renewables. But there are ways to do it. If you have hills you can store energy by pumping water uphill and letting it flow through turbine generators when you need it. Compressed air can provide distributed storage as kann fuel cells. It all requires resources and we must cut our cloth according to our purse, but I am hopeful. @socalledunitedstates

Hi MS Leuts.
Ich sammle gerade Berichte und Bilder vom Hafenbereich. 28.7.2014. habt Ihr links für mich?

@fitheach only those sitting were sprayed, there were probably quite a few people present who were friends or family of those sprayed.

It is hard to stand by and watch that done to someone you love.

@fitheach What amazing dicipline the protesters showed in the face of such provocation!

Hups, a mistake in one of the releases of Sl1c3r put out the following ...

M104 S2200] T0;

the misparsed bracket sent the head temperature rocketing to the max allowed by the firmware.


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@faun liquidised air is complex stuff - most storage systems use compressed air - your answer depends upon the pressure you can generate and what the bottle can withstand.
What you are maybe looking for is energy density. With high tech materials it is about the same as a lead acid battery, with low tech about half that. @neauoire

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@fitheach Jeremy's record stands for itself.


Little more to be said.

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I'm a 30-something dude with #bipolar 2, recently diagnosed. I want to fight the stigma and help others, but I am also concerned about repercussions in the real world... so this account is mostly anonymous. I have a blog about bipolar here:
I love a wide variety of music like #techno, #dub, and #avantgarde; I'm into smashing the patriarchy and trying to be the best #ally I can be – for everybody (except nazis and fascists).
In real life I do stuff with #technology and #electronics.

@fitheach ufff! Want to make the mistake of major constitutional change on such a slim majority? Cripes, look at Brexit.

Auf Kaftan gewechselt. Wenn Männer die Welt regieren, wie kam es dazu, dass wir Hosen gewählt haben?

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