@bob then a lot of old folks might take up web development again ;)

@unlofl @paulfree14 it's like with a cold-sore. Don't pick and it goes away on its own.

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This year.
Hours spent mitigating Malware attacks - 3.

Hours spent trying to solve windows update problems (0x8xxxxxxx errors. Update endless loops in phase 3 etc.) - 21.

'Nuff said.

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Who you calling a Narc, Narc!

> App listened in on fans to catch bars illegally streaming soccer


Thoughts on Universal Basic Income.

Twice in my life I have been able to take time out, re-educate and move in a completely different direction. Same for my better half.

We were only able to do this with support from our families and from each other.

How great would it be if everybody got that chance, without worrying about starving, becoming homeless or losing access to civic society?

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Alles, was Hackerherzen höher schlagen lässt: Vom 1. bis 4. August wird in Überlingen am Bodensee das Technik-Camp stattfinden events.ccc.de/2019/06/11/boden

@rysiek I'd have said it is legislative problem. We need to stop assigning human rights and privileges to corporations and rescind the same. @axx

@fitheach probably somewhat earlier - the day BoJo becomes PM.

Another day closer to my UK passport burning ceremony.

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