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Well, it's picking up mains hum OK, guess I'll call it a night

Here's one for all you Sockologists. Spiral pattern socks from my better half. The spiral pattern makes the fit so flexible that no heel is required.

Why has it taken humanity so long realise this?

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Also today, my faircap filters have arrived. I made a couple of their diy 3d printed caps back in the day with home made activated charcoal.

This is their 1st generation product. It's a buy one give one and is good for up to 1000L. I bought two and one is off to Africa with a friends daughter in a couple of days. (Nothing like field test to shake down a new product).

Congrats to Mauricio Cordova and team!

Hack the planet. ;)

Tonights project was harvesting the apples from our small tree. We got about 5kg of sound apples and just over a 1kg of wormy ones. I cut the good bits out of the wormy apples while my better half made pastry and now there's an apple pie on the go!

got back from holds to find lots of tangy salad leaves and hot radishes in the raised beds thanks to our neighbours keeping everything well watered.

Tomatoes and Jalapeños too

There is a network of tiny huts here in this corner of Denmark for staying in if you don't want to take a tent.

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Ich bin immer wieder angenehm überrascht von der MS Bücherei!

Goodness, I really know how to show a girl a good time!

Fan & CMOS battery replacement in a dell e4200. You habe to remove pretty much everythingto get at the bloomin' fan. A Tiny change to the Palm Rest assembly would habe made the fan accessible after just removing the keyboard. Just saying.

Exploring the region around the Ahr in "the Egg". Plenty of exercise, sleep and reading.

So I started work on some mittens in a wonderful tweed wool and was wondering if it is possible to partially felt this. I don't want to felt them completely (too hard, too much shrinkage). What processes might I try?

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