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Works for me!

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I love the smell of molten PLA in the evening!

I just want to shout out to @distel Your wool ha made it out to > 79° N
Not only has it provided me with warm headgear, but it has started a hundred conversations.

Weird this didn't post!?
So again.
At 79°55'03N 11°30'73"

Anchored to the sea ice at 79° 55' 03" 011° 30' 73" E
Photo K.Langenberger.

Back in Longyearbyen. Goodbye to the tall ship Antigua and strike another from the bucket list.

My family was busy today, So this was this afternoons little project, the original Bakelite handle had broken, so I replaced it with some beech wood. Instead of rivets I used brass square head bolts, the finish is a lovely orange wax from the Town Talk Polish Company (smells wonderful and no toxins).

It's Maker April for kids at the local library in :)

Shame big kids like me are too old!

Aktuell in gibt es eine witzige Kunstaustellung in der Haus der Niederlände Koordiniert von Pulse of Europe.

Es gibt gegen Spende auch eine Postkartensammlung einige der Werke, hier einen Beispiel „Lets Stick together!“ from Patrick George....

Homemade crisps experiment.

Slice finely, 1 potato per person.

Wash of the starch and leave to dry.

Mix slices in a little oil, salt spices.

Overdid it a bit 8min at 750w microwave, but not bad!

Heute Kunst mit nette Leute.

Die Hartware MedienKunstVerein lädt noch zu CMPTR GRRRLZ bis zum 24.02.19 ein.

Uuumd die Dreschflegel Katalog ist da. Wer sich für alte Gemüsesorten und essbaren Artenvielfalt interessiert sollte acht geben.

Kalender Eintrag für MS 2019.

Ihr wisst jetzt bescheid.

Just made up another jar of mustard to @fitheach 's recipe in order to prevent the mustardpokalypse (ie. the state of no mustard).

Super easy, even with a mortar & pestel.

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