Just made up another jar of mustard to @fitheach 's recipe in order to prevent the mustardpokalypse (ie. the state of no mustard).

Super easy, even with a mortar & pestel.

Hey, lookin' good!

You'll be developing arm muscles like Popeye, if you're using a mortar & pestle all the time.

Now you have the mustard you could try this recipe:
(not had the time to do a proper write-up.).

@StuC @fitheach this louks delish.

While I like to cook, I have never played with home-made condiments. I need to mustard the will to do so and ketchup on that.

@rysiek @StuC
I like it when people pepper their comments with puns.

On a serious note, many commercial mustards are full of things you don't need like sugar and preservatives.

Plus, when you make your own mustard you can adjust the flavours exactly the way you want.


@fitheach @rysiek I did, I added a tiny bit of agave syrup, and used the white wine vinegar that I had rather than cider vinegar.

I also finely ground about 50% and just cracked the rest - I like coarse mustard.

It is still maturing in the fridge, it is thickening nicely and taste and texture are developing the way I like it (along the lines of Maillard coarse Dijon)

Might try a chilli mustard for xmas with our hone grown chillis.

Good job!

All part of the fun mixing and matching the ingredients to get what you want.

I used to grow jalapeño chillies, it was great fun. My favourite part was when the chillies would start to ripen. They would start red at the very tip. Day by day the colour would creep further up the chilli, until the whole thing was bright red.


@StuC @fitheach True, but going from seeds to powder in less than 60 seconds is pretty darn wonderful! I'm glad I got an electric whizzer-thing to do it. The mortar and pestal grew old quite quickly for me.

@StuC @fitheach

Stu, I'm another one of Iain's "Mustard Proteges" ;-)

@fitheach @StuC
I think it was more 7GBP, but 12CAD is still worth it to me.

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