5 years ago: Digital Feudalism and How to Avoid It


I learned a lot in those five years and we’re still working for the same goals. Surveillance Capitalism is worse than it ever was but we also have new hopes: @Purism, Mastodon, @gnome, DAT, …

The one thing I’d change is to replace “open source” with “ethical technology” and “free (as in freedom)” in my words.

@aral @Purism @gnome today I was told that google G Suite for education has 70m+ customers and that in the USA, two schools in three are using it. I haven't checked this figure, but if it is even close to being true we are placing the data of millions of children into the hands of the largest dealer in data on earth - before we even give them a choice.

A whole generation sold into data serfdom.

We have to get the technology you are talking about into the hands of educators.


@StuC @aral @Purism @gnome

Has anyone written or analyzed this risk? When you put it in these terms it sounds terrifying to someone who knows about these things but I’m curious if there is some media that explains it well that I could share with laymen.



Sorry, I am still at the flabbergasted stage.

G Suite for Education is the latest rebranding. Back in 2014 Google ran afoul of FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act...


For doing what they now claim not to do.

BTW FERPA is 44 years old - it was passed in a time when everything wasn't connected. It might be time for a revamp.

Figures from the Süddeutsche Zeitung put the figures at 30m US children for mid 2017.



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