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So this time without cw so that the hash tag works.

These are house shoes with leather soles. The technique is the stitch is Finnish stitch.

An small list of things that Neo-liberalism did not do..


Thank you.

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My life work balance is seriously foobared,

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Ist der Verkauf von Meldedaten in D noch DSGVO kompatible?

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Open Source voice assistant #Mycroft (yes an actual open source alternative of Amazon Alexa and Google Home) has not only almost hit 800% of its Indiegogo funding in Feb, but has recently switched to #Mozilla's #DeepSpeech project.

Deep Speech is just one of over a hundred projects taking part in #MozSprint May 10-11. They're especially seeking voices of NON ENGLISH speakers.

More new contributors added to these open projects = more real world innovative alternatives.

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“When her manager returned to work the following Monday, he found two things sitting on his office chair: the spanning-tree protocol specifications and the poem, which has taken on mythical dimensions in network engineering circles.”

-- from Broad Band (The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet) by Claire Evans, page 128


(And bonus: Radia Perlman herself narrating her famous poem: )

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Beautiful here in Münster. I hope you are all underway on your Bicycles.

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To toot boldly where no one has tooted before

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So. Das Video der Preisverleihung ist jetzt wirklich korrekt und fertig auf Vimeo angekommen. #bba18 episode with Christine Sunu was one of the most interesting and entertaining I've heard gor a while.

242 the Cilantro of Robots

Our Co-op was visited by a member of aka596 from the project "Kraftwerk" in Zurich yesterday. It was really interesting to hear about communal living.

I was reminded of of how damned efficient living in a group of this size(9) can be (Buying staples in bulk from a food co-op for instance.) & sharing the load of cleaning and maintainance

Interesting too: The added social layers between the outside world and the individual and how these interact with meatspace architecture and and and and....

I've been looking at eBike's. I quite like the trapeze frame form. Every single bike shop person up to now has said "That's a ladies bike!" . Is that really still a thing?

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Have questions about jailbreaking & fixing your devices? Tomorrow, EFF's @doctorow, @prilkit, & @kwiens of @ifixit will provide the answers in a Reddit AMA focused on DMCA 1201—the law that prevents you from accessing code in everything from phones to cars source: