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So this time without cw so that the hash tag works.

These are house shoes with leather soles. The technique is the stitch is Finnish stitch.

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Hi MS Leuts.
Ich sammle gerade Berichte und Bilder vom Hafenbereich. 28.7.2014. habt Ihr links für mich?

Hups, a mistake in one of the releases of Sl1c3r put out the following ...

M104 S2200] T0;

the misparsed bracket sent the head temperature rocketing to the max allowed by the firmware.


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I'm a 30-something dude with #bipolar 2, recently diagnosed. I want to fight the stigma and help others, but I am also concerned about repercussions in the real world... so this account is mostly anonymous. I have a blog about bipolar here:
I love a wide variety of music like #techno, #dub, and #avantgarde; I'm into smashing the patriarchy and trying to be the best #ally I can be – for everybody (except nazis and fascists).
In real life I do stuff with #technology and #electronics.

Auf Kaftan gewechselt. Wenn Männer die Welt regieren, wie kam es dazu, dass wir Hosen gewählt haben?

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Short reminder that I'm still looking for a #cccamp ticket! If you know someone who can't make it, point them my way please.

Es ist 02:00 und ich kommen gerade vom lokalen Hackerspace.

Es ist zu lange seit dem dies das letztes mal passiert ist.

Monitor wall mount Thing:2747675

Works for me!

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I feel personally attacked by the alt-text in today's xkcd: "Gotta feel kind of bad for nation-state hackers who spend years implanting and cultivating some hardware exploit, only to discover the entire target database is already exposed to anyone with a web browser."

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The next time someone tells me something is impossible, I'm going to give them this link:

Is there a joke that starts...
"Mark Field walks into a feminist pub..."

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So that #CircuitPython game console I made, yeah? The SAMD21 running the interpreter was just fast enough for a simple platformer or space shooter game, as long as you were careful to optimize things here and there.

Well, not anymore. The most recent beta version of CircuitPython is now 5x faster. You will still struggle with RAM, though. But it's really a nice upgrade!

„Es ist dem Untertanen untersagt, den Maßstab seiner beschränkten Einsicht an die Handlungen der Obrigkeit anzulegen.“
―Gustav von Rochow

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As mentioned earlier I'm doing some testing of various "chat" apps/protocols.

Included on my list are:

* Wire
* Jitsi
* Matrix using Riot

A web interface is a requirement. Nice to have voice, video & file transfer (maybe also E2E). Signal is out, registering with phone app is a dealbreaker.

Any others I should consider?

Anyone know where I can get multiple pi zeros in D? One per customer is a pain in the ass.

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