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So this time without cw so that the hash tag works.

These are house shoes with leather soles. The technique is the stitch is Finnish stitch.

Well, it's picking up mains hum OK, guess I'll call it a night

"Read the DataSheet Luke!"

durn it, had a 628 in there instead of a 628A

Sometimes taking a step back is the only way to move forwards.

Frustrating! Wanted to use a PIC as a frequency counter, but can't get the blessed thing to work. Rebuilt everything in a minimal config on a breadboard. Still no Joy.

Time to take a step back.

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"It may, however, be a mistake to jump to conclusions" 😹

Refreshing Podcast.

A few nice author recommendations too.


Windows updates . . . . . . . .

Gawd! I could have updated twenty Linux systems serially in this time.


"There should be a virus targeting assholes!"


"I'm not sure that came out right."

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This is a quick reminder that all of the A Whale's Lantern music, made by wonderful Mastodon musicians in random pairs, is available at

#MusicCollab #music #creativetoots

So I've been playing with's picroft. IT's a basic setup using a Pi3+Playstation Eye.

It's really just a bit on the annoying side of slow.

But it's neat to play Zork with your eyes closed.

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Looking for places to buy DRM-free e-books on this International Day Against DRM?

Here's 100+ bookshops that sell fantastic books without DRM.


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I got a new keyboard for mastodon.

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"Have some muckwheat dumplings, they're stuffed with bonions, dilly herbs and looma roots"

I want to write more recipes with imaginary ingredients.

"Qlik loads all of the data from sources into compressed QVD files before processing... are you laughing or crying, Mr. C?"

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Dear Lazyverse! Anyone tried for some real work? What's your impression?

#ci #devops #clojure

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[Re]introducing, a Mastodon instance for anyone with an interest in radio in all its forms, anywhere in the world.

Whether you're involved in community or college radio, LPFM, amateur radio, short wave listening or DXing, or whether you're just a lover of radio, you're welcome at

It's been placed on a more sustainable (read: cheaper) footing this time and should easily stick around if people use it. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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A few months or maybe a year back (please don't quiz me on this, my brain is incapable of processing the passage of time with any degree of accuracy), there was a big spreadsheet circulating around filled with queer musicians spanning just about every conceivable genre. I can't seem to find a link to it anymore and I'd love to get another look at it so I can find some new music to listen to if any of y'all happen to know where to find that list.

Thank you in advance! <3

Oh lord, are we now going to have a wave of toots?

Back in a week.

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