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So this time without cw so that the hash tag works.

These are house shoes with leather soles. The technique is the stitch is Finnish stitch.

My little Chromebook adapted to Linux Mint really is a fine little machine, It handles most tasks with elan - but gpodder copying to the sdcard on my mp3 player just completely fucks the IO. Wait states in Top at 80%. I have never been able to figure out why. I mean, this is a data transfer at USB 2.0 speeds.

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Yesterday's #Moon over Southern Germany (Damn, it was cold! Laptop on frost strike after one hour. We earned new respect for homeless people).
No colour manipulation, individual images are composites of different exposures, but those blueish hues are caused by Earth's atmosphere being reflected. Shot with Celeron CPC800. #astrophotography #Mondfinsternis #mofi2019 #lunareclipse2019 #lunareclipse

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Haecksen Berlin treffen sich am 30.1. , Haecksen Frankfurt (in Gründung) treffen sich am 5.2. in Frankfurt - und die neuen Termine von H, KA und HH gibt es in der Komplettübersicht ebenfalls auf

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Are you a UK national living in an EU27 country and still using a UK driving licence?

If the UK crashes out with a no-deal, UK licences will no longer be valid (time-limited) in the EU. UK licences can be exchanged for a local licence for a fee. If there is a no-deal Brexit (March 29th) then exchanges can only happen after sitting a driving test & a fee.

#EU #Brexit

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It's off to bed early for me, got to be up for the Lunar Eclipse. Night all.

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Homemade crisps experiment.

Slice finely, 1 potato per person.

Wash of the starch and leave to dry.

Mix slices in a little oil, salt spices.

Overdid it a bit 8min at 750w microwave, but not bad!

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Das Video hat bisher nur 36 Aufrufe. Wir können, sollten und müssen das ändern. Bitte.

Die positive Ausstrahlung von Herbert ist auch im Video spürbar. Ich bin immer noch tief ergriffen von seiner Herzlichkeit, seiner Wärme und seiner starken Persönlichkeit. #lasttweet

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Was sind für euch die wichtigsten, interessantesten und eindrucksvollsten Sounds, Songs, etc. der letzten 35 Jahre #CCC ? Ich plane da etwas...
Gerne RT/Boost

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Tonight on the local childrens radio show, Roald Dahl's "Matilda" is being serialised.

I had forgotten what a wonderful book this is. It was one of my daughters favourites.

anyone who has had to unblock a drain with a spiral knows that humans are far from being hairless apes

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So, I recently decided to go through every #BBS on the Telnet BBS Guide site list.

My plan is to see which ones are still up and which ones aren't. Also document the BBSes themselves - as in, what games they run, if there's a community, what software you can download and if you can speak to the admin and lots of other things!

I would like to interview every admin I can, whether over IRC, email or whatever.

If you know where I can find more BBSes, or you run one, just reply to this msg!

StuC boosted is free. What do people think of setting up a sister Mastodon site for Sunbeam City?

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