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So this time without cw so that the hash tag works.

These are house shoes with leather soles. The technique is the stitch is Finnish stitch.

It would be nice to have a European Express Rail service looping between EU capital cities - obviously the first train should be named "Snow Piercer"

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Ein wirklich toller Vortrag von @aral über "Small Technology" als Gegengift zum ÜberwachungsKapitalismus.
Strukturelles Problem gut erklärt, Lösung auch, viele Alternativen.

Visited the Kon Tiki Museum today. I was struck by a quote from Thor Heyerdahl.

"Borders? I have never seen one! But I hear they exist in the minds of some people"

OSLO: wow, train, tram and bus services excellent. Rental bike stations all over the city, escooters too. All of it well used!

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Your experience as a traveller is inversely proportional to the amount of underwear you need for the trip.

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Adobe Flash Player… Dass es das immer noch gibt

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2019: The year we lactosed the intolerant

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# FlickBar die 2TE – Donnerstag, 16.05., ab 20 Uhr (Textilreperatur)

# Workshop: Let's Löt! - Mittwoch, 22.05., von 16 bis 20 Uhr

# DIY-Fahrradwerkstatt: Mit Kettenfett und Maulschlüssel - Donnerstag, 13.06., um 17 Uhr

jeden Donnerstag ab 17 Uhr die Offene Werkstatt (v.a. zur Holzbearbeitung)

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Here's a beautifully chill #Demo for #DemoSunday morning.

:amiga: Haujobb & Ghostown – Beam Riders

Running on an #Amiga A500 with Vampire V4 – (68080/FPU@85MHz + AGA/Pamela)

Astute readers will note Motorola never produced a 68080. This is a CPU implemented in an FPGA by the Apollo crew.


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I could look at the news and get upset, or I could share a link to the winning #Amiga #demo from #Revision2019

:amiga: Eon by The Black Lotus

#demoscene #DemoSunday

For travelling, try lycra underwear they said, easy to wash they said. Dries quickly, they said. Only need a couple of pairs they said.

It turned out to be a very "rash" decision.

Oh, I didn't know that you can use barley corn like arborio rice! Makes a great "Risotto".

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Currently reading "We are legion (we are bob)." Highly entertaining.

Schweizer Vereinsrecht angeschaut.


Gründung ab 2 Personen.

Bis 100,000CHF ohne Steuer (150,000 ohne Gewinnorientierung).

Eingeschränkte Haftung.

Als Juristisches Person erkannt ohne Eintragung.

Bei der Gründung muss lediglich ein Mitglied in CH resident sein.

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