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So this time without cw so that the hash tag works.

These are house shoes with leather soles. The technique is the stitch is Finnish stitch.

@iona The SSTV stuff is on 40m, so I might have more luck there!

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No idea what this will sound like but the idea of seeing a Faroese band appeals to me.
Northern Streams festival coming to Pleasance

TICKETS are now on sale for an unique festival of Nordic and Scottish music, song and dance based in #Edinburgh celebrating its 16th year next month. (via @iona )

So I'm tuned in to 2.8MHz and 3.35 Mhz on VFO A and B, but I don't hold out much hope.

80m propagation is not that good and I've a lot of QRM at my location.

QSSTV with my tried and trusted USB Sound card might provide me with Slow Scan TV pictures.

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Hi, im Amazonasgebiet vernetzen sich seit einiger Zeit Frauen um medial, mit Filmen und Audiobeiträgen auf ihre Probleme aufmerksam zu machen. Über Unterstützung beim Umgang mit der Technik, und mit Medienpraxis würden sie sich freuen.

Den Kontakt zu den Ciber Amazonas könnt ihr über den Link am Ende herstellen. Einzige Bedingung, ihr müsst als weiblich durchgehen, der es sich explizit um ein Frauenprojekt handelt.

Now reading „Atari inc - business is fun“. Quite a contrast to Bagnall‘s Commodore book.

The book is not as well written, but it does convey a good sense of the crazy party culture at Atari in the early days.

I am still fascinated by the concept of the Chuck-e-Cheese eateries. Apparently they did 800mi$ in 2017 so chances are that someone in my TL has eaten there. What was it like?

New vocabulary learnt.
Moe girl.
Reply guy.

Good grief, how I dislike drm! Its the hours removing it from various formats for personal use, so that I can use my cheapo player, or listen offline or have an ebook read to me by the computer, or read it on another device with an unsupported OS that I begrudge.

Why is everyone bothered about innovation and memes?

The extension of surveillance and censorship infrastructure and the normalisation of the same is by far the worst aspect of the EUs proposed reform.

Aktuell in gibt es eine witzige Kunstaustellung in der Haus der Niederlände Koordiniert von Pulse of Europe.

Es gibt gegen Spende auch eine Postkartensammlung einige der Werke, hier einen Beispiel „Lets Stick together!“ from Patrick George....

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Office protip: to avoid mess, don't eat at your desk. Eat at someone else's desk

I think I'll go to bed early, should the UK disappear in paradoxical puff of , please don't bother to wake me.

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Am Samstag findet die erste spring(); break; im Bochumer Hackerspace Das Labor abor statt, ein Tag voll von #Workshops, Vorträgen und Austausch. :) Wir bieten u.a. einen #coreboot Vortrag+Workshop an. Das gesamte Angebot und Details findet ihr auf

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connect to this real DECsystem-20 at running TOPS-10 v7.04 via ssh #vcfpnw #vintage #retro #computing

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"Deep Web -Untergang der Silk Road" war besser als erwartet.

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