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En savoir plus sur la migration de la Gendarmerie nationale vers le logiciel libre ? Écoutez le podcast de « Libre à vous ! » sur Cause Commune avec le lieutenant-colonel Stéphane Dumond et @frederic (55 minutes) #libreavous #S03E01 #causecommune #podcast

Here it comes... will come in the next few hours... When it will be July 14th in eastern Pacific, talking about us... Three releases planned, good music, bags of fun !

Oh, yeah, yet another song ! . I won't spend time on the usual blah blah since most of you already know this, album for free download on Jul 14th and so on, and and and I've typped enough for now, make your own opinion with a click, or don't click and never know !

New Song ! "Now That You Left" by Me In The Bath ! Album will be available for free download on Netlabel Day, July 14th 2019.

Hey there!

Lots of thing to come in the near future, I'm quite busy, but for today I'm here with another "streaming-only, exclusive premiere track" for the forthcoming Me In The Bath album, "Something Planned" :

(autoplay warning applies)

By the way, this is now decided that the free-download release date will be for Netlabel Day 2019

It's not 100% sur but chances are high that tonight Radio Giroll 's monthly episode will feature the Me In The Bath track "Minuit Sur La Belle Province".

It's a French talk-show, live at 19h CET then podcasted, discussing about free software & IT freedom.

Sorry to trouble you again... Strangely enough, a quick share of this 2012 exhumed song gathered some bits of interest among people I'm in touch with, recently. So I thought, why not post it here too ? It's licensed under CC BY. The forthcoming album that should have included the track never got finished. There's, then, only this video :

You can note how older I look now, six years later :)

As requested by a dear friend, I eventually post this here. Me In The Bath - Let Me Know (Crem Road records - streaming-only premiered track. Final publishing date not certain) dya like ? Just dig. And btw it's

It has been described (not by me) as ; It's simply Thcoreba Thmano, my pet project, that cool reggae band that makes noise ; it started in 2012 and it did not release much, but know I'm back with ; free download and

Me In The Bath in concert in *your* computing device (if you are crazy and available enough to log in on time) on Tue, Nov 6th at 18h (6pm) UTC, just me and my guitar for some and maybe some old tracks of my back catalogue, or the contrary of these two things.

It will happen on Crem Road records'' Tube channel, and it's to celebrate our tenth years of presence in this media, fighting with lolcats and unpacking vids to capture the audience's attention !

Music recording is a lot of fun. I also find pleasant to discuss of it once it's released.

The pain lies in between: encode/tag/upload... This is the boring part.
Three days since I finished a record for my side project Thcoreba Thmano - music that can't fit for Me In The Bath nor for Still Living Creature.

I'm unable to do the boring job for now! I may someday code to automate all this.
Strangely, an old TT track was pulled from the abysses by a few people recently:

It's like throwing bricks in the ocean... Gonna make a castle, this way. New track:

This very month, Wumzle Radio is turning 10 years old. .To celebrate this milestone, let's introduce the 7th version with noooooow... Style-specific stations with genres curated by the community. And as before the permanent contest for radio plays thru vote, open posting for bands It's devoted to netaudio music or at least music placed under personal, individual right management -which allows the station, with grants from the artist, to provide free download.

Quand il est six heures du matin au sortir d'une nuit blanche... "All my Quebecker friends they're all going to bed" ! Minuit sur la belle province

Voilà une chanson de plus ! La rythmique est euh, aérée (euphémisme pour out-of-sync :) ) mais sinon la captation sonore est beaucoup plus clean, est largement plus écoutable que ma production habituelle ! Si vous avez un peu de temps libre, c'est pour vous !

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Merci @Shangril pour le super CD DIY et le CD bonus avec la gazette DIY. Each time I got a new song I have the feeling that it is my masterpiece. This one is not different.

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