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I think I want my book to include cryptocurrency addresses, so people can download it for free and pay what they want. Any tips on how best to do this? What coins do you guys use that I should support?

I feel like this kind of pay what you want model could be a great way to distribute ebooks, if done right.

I was thinking about piracy, and how it probably hurts free software more so than it does proprietary software. How many more people would use Gimp if they couldn't pirate Photoshop? How many more people would use Libreoffice if they couldn't pirate MS office?

One thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is how much I hate money. If you think about it, money's directly responsible for a lot of the world's problems as well as being a major source of stress.

I don't think society's quite ready for a moneyless economy, and none of us know how that would work exactly, but man would it solve a lot of problems.

Just random thoughts as I drink my morning coffee.

I'm trying to get back into working on my book this weekend. Hopefully I can send it to my editor soon and get it out there.

If anyone's curious, it's set in a near future, and follows a group of FOSS activists trying to stop the spread of a proprietary technology called "smart implants".

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It kind of annoys me when people say that Firefox forks aren't secure and should be avoided. Forks are a huge part of free software, and part of what makes it more secure.

Firefox will never be the right choice for every single user. This is why forks are a strength: they allow people to make versions that work for different users. If Mozilla were smart about it, they'd embrace it and encourage people to try these alternate versions.

The one thing that sucks about living in a rural area is that to most people around here, the Internet is pretty much just Facebook. Even politicians pretty much stick to it for their campaigns.

As someone who won't touch it with a 10 foot pole, it makes it hard to meet people with common interests. It's especially worrisome that such a huge percentage of the region's social life happens through a company we know to be abusive.

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Imagine having brainwash so powerful that people won't just accept #surveillance inside their kitchen but even PAY for it. A friend told me this morning that they now market "smart kitchens" with all this US military-oriented crap integrated/bolted onto it.
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boost this tweet and i will simply think very hard about one of your tweets. really concentrate on that thing, you know?

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And this is why it's important to use #firefox . It's not just faster, safer, and open source. It is also immune to this kind of embrace, extend, extinguish bullshit.

Hey #google, #microsoft from the 90's is calling. They want their playbook back.

I'm currently working on a science-fiction novel that's heavily inspired by the free software movement and deals with the dangers of invasive proprietary software. Hoping to meet like-minded writers here.

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