I wish more people in the FOSS world understood that when you place a technical barrier on contributing, you're closing off your project and hurting the movement as a whole.

Don't yell at people who open bug reports because they lack some understanding of the issue or don't know the technical jargon. You might just send them back to proprietary software.

Not gonna lie, as someone who doesn't write code, I don't always feel welcome.

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I'm currently looking for an editor for my science fiction book about the dangers or proprietary software. It's heavily influenced by free software and its culture.

Here's a link to the Reddit thread, since there's too much information for a single toot.


If you're interested or know anyone, feel free to get in touch.

Well, my editor quit a week ago for personal reasons. Guess I should start looking for a new one soon. Or I could give the book another go and improve a few things first.

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As I work on my next project, I keep thinking about the best way to structure a story.

It comes down to three things. First, characters have active goals. They take actions and make decisions based on those goals. Those actions have consequences that move the story forward and potentially create new active goals.

It's really the basics, but it's easy to forget about it and write whole chapters where nothing happens. Dunno if that's how everyone does it, but it's always been my approach.

I finished my last rewrite this morning. Now, all that's left is to edit the book. Oh, and handle all the other stuff like the cover, legalese, etc.

Still, it feels like I hit a big milestone.

So with all these posts about Tumblr banning porn... Mastodon is about to get invaded by rule 34 artists, isn't it?

@el_joa @switchingsocial The traditional publishing industry is, in my opinion, severely outdated in its practices.

Self-publishing can look intimidating at first, but it's pretty much the only option if you want to keep some measure of control over your work. That's not even getting into the pittance that authors receive for their hard work.

@liw I have to agree. Debian does a pretty good job of being bullshit-free. I've been using it for a bit more than a year, and I don't think I ever plan on switching to something else.

@switchingsocial Definitely something to keep in mind as I prepare to publish my first book. Thanks for the link!

@salixlucida Reminds me of some coworkers literally spying on their children through their phones the other day. They all wanted to know where their kids were. As someone who doesn't use a smart phone, it sickened me. I think I managed to stay diplomatic in voicing my objection.

@headachebooth Technically, they exist so companies won't lend money to people who never pay. In theory, it's a good idea, but the Equifax leak proved that it might not be worth it.

I think that there's a much larger issue, which is our relationship with credit. I understand that it's a necessary evil for large purchases such as a house or a car, but do we really need to buy a microwave with credit?

Yet another problematic aspect of society that would be tricky to fix.

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Is anyone knowledgeable in website design? I'd like to have a blog implemented on my website, but without any sort of proprietary plugin, tracking cookies, or any of that stuff. I want something 100% FOSS and privacy-friendly.

The friend I hired to design the website is cool with that, but isn't very saavy when it comes to FOSS, so I said I'd look into it on my own. Problem is, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to web design. Anyone has recommendations?

I just rewrote that romantic scene I'd been struggling on. It always feels good when I manage to fix something I've been struggling with. Romance in particular is something I have a very hard time writing.

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