I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am not running for President in 2020. This cuts the current lineup of possible candidates down to 299,999,999.

This makes it even more frightening, because people try, instinctively, to fight fascism on ideological grounds, when it's roots are much deeper.

This is why Trump, a man with no discernible ideology or philosophy of his own, has managed to recreate the foundations of fascism, out of whole cloth. He has basically used a recursive function to synch up with the natural constituency of fascism.

This leads to a big feedback loop racing to the bottom. Trump's odd sayings get more inflammatory and racist, as the audience gets more fearful and self-righteous. As the rallies continue, not just through election time, but continued ever since he started, this forms domestic and foreign policy.

Members of the audience who like what Trump said, come to more rallies, and spread the word to others. Those who don't like what he says, don't come back, and warn other people off.

The collaboration happens in the form of rallies, where Trump yells out odd things, and the audience reacts. If the reaction is big enough, the odd thing becomes a position.

I have a theory that the whole Trump phenomenon is a weird collaboration between a creepy old man and a whole class of people, both of whom are scared shitless of irrelevance.

@The_Mechanarchist Saw you on NonCompete's channel. I joined mastodon recently and don't know anyone yet. Trying to convert real life friends, but no luck yet.😎

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