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Si j'étais travaillant, j'ajouterais des indentifiant aux églises du Québec.

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"Tell a story!"
"There once was, on distant Earth-"
"No, a real story!"
"Hush. Earth was real, and full of children asking for stories, just like you."
"Really. They looked different, back then, but they, too, loved stories."
"So they were people?"
"They were people."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Le 26 mai faites comme moi barrage au RN en votant Gilles de la Tourette...

One of the most important things my parents taught me was that you NEVER cross a picket line. Ever. Never ever. It was as simple as Safeway workers being on strike and we didn't dare shop there until management caved.

Speaking of invasive species, did you know? The only reason North America has starlings, those obnoxious birds, is that in 1890, some rich dickhead who liked Shakespeare decided he was going to import every bird mentioned by Shakespeare in his plays.

And one who replace the sitelink to redirect categories to the new category on Commons !

We need a bot to delete P373 (Commons category) links to deleted Commons categories #Wikidata. Pleeeeeease!

Premier 27 km de vélo depuis la fin septembre. Je suis crevé. 💀

My political tendency is cowardly social democrat with insurrectionary anarchist sympathies.

“Oh no, a gun, my only weakness” says the villain, as he proceeds to jump of the top of the building you’re in. He falls to the floor but somehow survives. Turns out that yes, a gun is literally his ONLY weakness.
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L'Université McGill vient d'abandonné le nom de l'équipe "Redmen" après un longue campagne (30 ans!) des étudiants pour changer le nom.

Ça serait amusant que leur équipe adopte un nom bicolore («Red and White») comme Laval et Sherbrooke.

@Harmonia_Amanda Salut, je me demandais, sur , est-il possible de faire monter une description du genre «P31 in P131, Canada» ou je suis mieux de monter une telle description via mon tableur?

Oui, ma circonscription électorale au provinciale est vraiment nommé d'après ce beau poisson. 🤓

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