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An excellent article comparing strengths of CLI and web UI. And a sensible opinion: when to use which one?

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The CentOS 7 server used by this instance has been upgraded with last software, including new microcode patches for the CPU security issues.

There is also a Mastodon upgrade ready (2.4.0 → 2.4.2), but it's pending a long database migration.

Urban Tranquillity. Far away from the countryside, a quiet place means a closed metro station with a bing and the moon at the horizon.

Registrations are again open, as it appears all spam bots posted from the same IP ranges,.

So, from their IP addresses, I got the two AS they use, and from, I get the associated known IP ranges (the route they accounce in various BGP sessions).

Nginx is configured not to send a reply when a request origin is one of those IP addresses.

We'll see if that works in the next 72 hours.

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Open registrations have been temporarily closed.

Plan is to get some spambot control on the register page before reopening them.

You can still invite friends and acquaintances.

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I've helped a student with HTML today.

Their high school teacher show them frames, images map, <font face>, <center>, <table> design with Netscape Navigator screenshots.

I think I've found a magical train to go back to 1997.

Upgraded the instance to last master version.

Raised the amount of threads and database connections allowed from 5 to 15 for the web worker, so we can avoid the connection pool exhaustion we had these last days. support request Show more

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