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Open registrations have been temporarily closed.

Plan is to get some spambot control on the register page before reopening them.

You can still invite friends and acquaintances.

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I've helped a student with HTML today.

Their high school teacher show them frames, images map, <font face>, <center>, <table> design with Netscape Navigator screenshots.

I think I've found a magical train to go back to 1997.

Upgraded the instance to last master version.

Raised the amount of threads and database connections allowed from 5 to 15 for the web worker, so we can avoid the connection pool exhaustion we had these last days. support request Show more celebrates today its first anniversary.

Happy toots!

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Bonne fête social.nasqueron! 🎂

L'instance va avoir 1 an le 6 avril 2018 à 16:00 UTC.

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By the way, images are rebuilt and ready to be deployed for v2.3.2.

I'll spin them on when there is less traffic tomorrow morning Europe hours.

Docker engine has been rebooted at 16:47 UTC.

This Mastodon server was unavailable between 16:47 and 16:55, pending reboot and firewall reconfiguration.

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Oh well, really hard when I read the next part:

"The lady escaped with minor burns, but the priest was not so fortunate, since Madame learned self-defense from prostitutes, and is no stranger to clawing eyes."

"The only other interruption worth mentioning was that Madame's confessor, two hours into her recital, attempted to bludgeon her to death with a censer."

Hard to be a surviving priest in Ada Palmer -
Terra Ignata series.

A Mastodon code upgrade seems to have fixed the SQL error issue.

Local timeline fully working now.

Side effect: we run on HEAD (95c82321, a little after 2.2.0)

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