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Oh well, really hard when I read the next part:

"The lady escaped with minor burns, but the priest was not so fortunate, since Madame learned self-defense from prostitutes, and is no stranger to clawing eyes."

"The only other interruption worth mentioning was that Madame's confessor, two hours into her recital, attempted to bludgeon her to death with a censer."

Hard to be a surviving priest in Ada Palmer -
Terra Ignata series.

A Mastodon code upgrade seems to have fixed the SQL error issue.

Local timeline fully working now.

Side effect: we run on HEAD (95c82321, a little after 2.2.0)

I'm seeing 500 error with a SQL query (a field is ambigous in a jointure), I'm upgrading Mastodon to see if that solves the issue.

Happy 2018 to all beings :)

Fourier transformations are easier to explain with some colors to stress upon the correspondance of explanation and the equation

It has been a while (6 weeks) since 2.0, with some fixes and translation improvements.

I've upgraded the server to commit b15482c (current master at update time).

Arg, I've just awaken all the building with a loud explode-like noise :/

If it wasn't enough, a dog barked loudly in the last foor.

The cause? I bumped into a wooden stool when I came back from the roof. The stool was in the hall near the window giving access to the roof.

Never thought the echo of a wood stool falling on the floor at 3am was so looooud.

(Now why there was a stool there is a good question too)

The new responsive Timeless skin has been deployed to all Wikimedia sites.

If you've an account there, you can enable it visiting your preferences.

If not, you can check

(this is the article of the day on en.wp).

Kudos to Isarra, a volunteer, for this skin.

@Kumkum Tu as quitté irssi il semblerait.

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This one was funny:

If you create a Git branch with an UTF-8 character in your Salt root directory (managed as a Git repo so), it raises a codec error trying to copy your Git repo in the cache.

One day, we'll live in a world full of Plan9-like UTF-8 aware software.

Meanwhile, there are still scripts running on Python 2 and raising stuff like:

UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 53: ordinal not in range(128)

just because you forgot your coding: utf-8 line and put a long dash in a comment.

A bug on Twitter seems to allow arbitrary length messages:

Account holder has been suspended.

(source: gcu IRC channel)

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A nice thing with zsh: when you copy/paste, it provides an italic line, you need to confirm it with enter.

t is a simple CLI tasks manager Show more

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And if the NSA was hacked, chances are the NSA could hack ProtonMail.