R3D1: Let's do it again! Last October I started R3, but hardware problems killed it. Problem solved, and I want to share what I'm working on. This one's from the road, style!

Currently: Writing reducer tests for my dungeon crawler.

R3D2: Oof, this is tedious. Over the past few weeks, I got ahead of myself and wrote a bunch of code without tests. However, today I bumped it up to around 50% coverage.

R3D3: More testing. I use @PrettierCode@twitter.com in my project and updated my .prettierrc to enforce trailing commas when ES5-valid. Dangling commas are ugly but simplify git diffs and commit logs.

R3D4: Mostly out of pocket today, but I added a few more tests! I think I've got to follow TDD in the future because writing unit tests, though not the fun part, provides so much clarity.

R3D5: Spent a few hours coding at a wonderful @gusto_official@twitter.com cafe in Naha, Okinawa. Good food, free wifi, outlets at every booth, and... self-serve coffee and tea! 😍

R3D6: Trying to figure out how to write good tests for recursive and/or probabilistic functions.

R3D7: My goal in adding @fbjest@twitter.com tests was to make it easier to keep track of breaking changes. I now have 104 fairly thoughtful tests in 21 suites, yielding ~67% overall coverage. This is a big project for me, but tests are (helpfully!) starting to fail.

R3D9: Yes! My dungeon crawler's player character can pick up items from the ground, select, and use them.

R3D10: Explored some Buddhist temples in northern Thailand, thinking of reducing my application's dependencies to increase its stability in diverse environments, reducing suffering. Refactored for 3 hours. Coming up with better analogies.

R3D11: My player character looks like she has different items equipped when I change weapons. I have some specific user stories to get to next, but I'd really rather fix the animations...

R3D12: I introduced a boss on level 3 of my dungeon crawler. Watch out, he's got Golden Armor and a Dragon Trident, and he knows how to use them! CSS enables great attack animations.

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