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R3D100: This is the last day of my third round of ! I appreciate how this challenge has helped motivate me to work and share what I'm doing. This is my last round because I've found I prefer different ways of scheduling and sharing my projects. Good luck to everyone making a commitment to improve their skills and form good habits!

R3D98-99: Feeling much better! I must have coded for 8 hours today. Lots done and just a bit more to go on my D&D project. It looks great!

RT There are only three optimizations: Do less. Do it less often. Do it faster.

The largest gains come from 1, but we spend all our time on 3.


RT In need of some work - So if you want your rpg character painted, shoot me an email! Shares are appreciated


R3D96-97: Not feeling well for the past couple of days ๐Ÿค’ . I am working on the content for this site and separated the different concerns into separate files because they were becoming cumbersome to navigate all together. If I feel better, I hope to polish this project off this week!

R3D95: Glad to be back on my laptop after a super busy wedding week (not mine, but I still had tasks). Broke an app into components and worked on the React Router decision tree for my campaign website.

RT Announcing React Fire: a new effort to modernize React DOM ๐Ÿ”ฅ


R3D93-94: Continued working on my React Router site, which is intended to be a guide to a homebrewed D&D campaign, complete with a decision tree!

R3D92: Floored by how easy it is to use React Router. I thought it would be some big thing, but... BAM! I have a new skill and a new website.

RT Son: Do you know what two-factor authentication is?
Me: Uh, yeah?
Son: I get a free dance on if I enable two factor. Can we do that?

Incentives matter.




RT So I'm working on a video about protecting yourself against abusive tech and I came across a really nasty bit of business that I thought I should post about. USB chargers with audio listen-in and GPS location have been around for a while- but now even the USB cables can have it.


RT Congratulations to Couch Warrior TV for reaching 10,000 Subscribers!


R3D91: Refactoring day. I am not sure how much my app's speed has been affected so far, but the code certainly is easier to read/has more polish.

R3D90: Fixed the bugs and finished my implementation of an old app. Unfortunately, it's about half the speed of the old version. ๐Ÿ˜œ Hopefully some refactoring can fix that tomorrow...

RT Making a quick clone of myself with AR spatial mapping


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So many new folks. I genuinely like Mastodon, so I hope that keeps happening.

R3D89: Something very tiny is wrong with my app, I know it. It means nothing works right. But I can't find the problem. ๐Ÿคฌ

R3D88: Implemented most of the basics in my Game of Life. This is so much easier than when I made the first version almost a year ago!