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R3D68: Spent rather a lot of time answering and refactoring a coding interview question. But it wasn't too much if it pays off!

R3D67: Another chapter into "The Linux Command Line" by Shotts.

R366: An unexpected coding interview! A friendly chat, but I got a bit tired toward the end and said dumb things 😂

R3D65: Practiced converting the same code to three React patterns: HOC, render props, and function as child.

R3D64: Bookworm day. Learned about configuring JSLint, the history of Linters all the way back to the early days of C, and some advanced React patterns.

R3D63: Read an appendix of JavaScript: The Good Parts and knocked out some CodeWars katas.

R3D62: wrote a couple Fibonacci Number algorithms, one recursive and one iterative. Really interesting to map out the relative complexities and note the huge difference in speed with high values! (Iterative loop = way faster)

R3D61: Data structures and Rosetta Code at

R3D60: Filed an issue and made another pull request in an project. Learning about Data Structures with I want to review Fibonacci sequences later today, since I borked a Fibonacci algorithm in a recent interview. It should have been easy!

R3D59: Quick Sort complete. I wrote a Merge Sort algorithm with help from a few online posts, but there's a part of my code I'm still not sure I understand...

R3D56-58: Still struggling to get various software packages working on my new GNU/Linux distro. I have filed a couple project issues on GitHub (typos, etc.). Attempting to write a Quick Sort algorithm, but somehow it's been tricky to conceptualize.

: R3D56: Trying Bionic Beaver after downgrading from buster/sid caused problems. Spent lots of time getting all my programs back... Tried the freeCodeCamp SASS challenges, but the website keeps freezing for some reason.

R3D55: More sorting algorithms, and completed freeCodeCamp’s JSON APIs and Ajax challenges.

R3D54: Exhausted today. Implemented a few sorting algorithms commonly asked during interviews for practice. I'd like to start saving more of these as Gists.

Had a coding interview at 3am last night because the opportunity is on another continent.

My takeaway: lol nope, don't do that. No matter how gung ho/caffeinated you are, push for a time when your algorithm-writing skills can join you.

Today I defeated the Allfather's avatar and impressed the gods in the beautiful, hand-drawn! Also recently finished's excellent _Norse Mythology_ audiobook. Lovely explorations of the lore both, with only slight pronunciation differences 😂

R3D53: Except for the buggy ES6 "Create Strings using Template Literals" challenge, I polished off @freeCodeCamp's Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification today. My answer should work as soon as the bug fix is in production. W00t!

R3D52: Completed freeCodeCamp's Object Oriented Programming module. I found myself taking a lot of notes in this section! (Also I ate too many chocolate truffles.)

R3D51: Completed 1) freeCodeCamp Basic Data Structures module, 2) Codecademy's Bitwise Python module, 3) 2 CodeWars katas (<= 6th kyu), 4) applied for 3 dev jobs, and 5) read a long JS interview prep article. 🤯 Cue the '80s movie montage!