RT @bitandbang@twitter.com: The most striking line from this FAQ:

> Once tink matures beyond being an experiment and it’s been in general use for long enough to prove its worth, we intend to sunset the current npm CLI and rename tink to npm. twitter.com/jdalton/status/106

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RT @darren_cullen@twitter.com: Computer generated faces using generative adversarial network / progressive growing technique from Nvidia. Trained on 50,000 images from a photobooth at ZKM Center for Art and Media by @highqualitysh1t@twitter.com

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RT @chordbug@twitter.com: the lichess.org CAPTCHA system is really something: I don't think I've ever had this much trouble proving I'm human

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RT @ben_bdesign@twitter.com: Demesne, a Forged in the Dark tabletop RPG of dungeon building, hero slaying, and overworld raiding. Currently in development, but playtesting is starting soon! Sign up at b-design.io for playtest and launch updates!

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RT @CurlOfGradient@twitter.com: You would be intrinsically motivated to study magic, but magic doesn't exist, so you choose a discipline based on how close it is to that experience.

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I voted early and drove someone else to the polls today.

RT @torproject@twitter.com: Reminder: Privacy is a basic human right.

We believe everyone should have private access to an open web where they can express themselves, share information, and learn without being tracked, surveilled, or censored. un.org/en/universal-declaratio

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RT @freeCodeCamp@twitter.com: How to add HTTPS to your website for free in 10 minutes - and why you should do this now more than ever, by @AyIsaiah@twitter.com medium.freecodecamp.org/free-h

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RT @DebraMessing@twitter.com: If you are on a LONG LINE to , call in the address and Pizza to the Polls will send πŸ”₯FREE PIZZAπŸ”₯ to make your wait more delicious. Democracy is priority #1. polls.pizza/

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RT @ryanchenkie@twitter.com: This paragraph by @dan_abramov@twitter.com has been the simplest and most concise framing of what Hooks aim to solve that I've found so far πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯Β medium.com/@dan_abramov/making

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RT @sulco@twitter.com: Create App now officially supports !

I'm so happy this will make it much easier for devs to start with, well, both of these great pieces of tech! 🀩

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RT @guardian@twitter.com: WWF report warns annihilation of wildlife threatens civilisation

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RT @pwnallthethings@twitter.com: This means Signalβ€”which already cannot see message content for its own purposes or in response to law-enforcement requestsβ€”will also stop knowing "to/from" data of communications. It will still know ~ time and volume of communications, at least for now.

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RT @necolas@twitter.com: Quick wins to improve web app performance before you even start looking at JS.

Avoid web fonts, use system fonts.
Avoid image sprites, use SVG icons.
Avoid "normal" CSS, use "atomic" CSS.
Avoid fetching data until you know it's needed.
Use smaller images.
Use "preload".

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RT @kylerankin@twitter.com: @jessysaurusrex@twitter.com Hiring an ethics officer will do no better than hiring a privacy officer. The economic incentives and business models need to change away from ones that require users be exploited. Then maybe it will change.

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RT @NexusSites@twitter.com: We've just announced the beta release of Vortex - the elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager from . Read more about it here:


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